About 2 years ago I received a great gift in my professional life: enrolment in the CEDH course. For over 30 years practicing allopathic paediatrics, I was extremely grateful to be able to enter this wonderful world of homeopathy, adding the concepts of a complete treatment, combining the symptomatic with the essence of the person. The methodology of the course and the competence of Master Yves Lévêque opened the door to this path of finding how to get closer and better to our patients.

Dr Augusto Pisati

I have been searching a new direction for my medical practice and I think I’ve found it now. I did the fundamental module of the CEDH and I really fell in love. The content was fantastic and Dr Yves' method was perfect. I’m very grateful to be part of this team and looking forward to the other modules.

Dra Andrea Vaciloto

I come through this text to thank the opportunity of learning about homeopathy, which with praise, was very well given by Professor Dr. Yves Leveque, brilliantly placed in 2 days topics that were worthy of 6 months of class. I was able to synthesize something that I was really surprised by the ease and competence, which made me and I believe everyone who attended the classes fell in love. Maria Isabel de Almeida Prado, who, as always, with all its simplicity and a lot of homeopathy, brought us a class that we did not notice in advance of the hour, of so interesting, the form that was put to us the classes fit in a delicious and practical way of learning.

Dra Haydee Valeria de França

I would like to give my testimony regarding the course of homeopathy with the CEDH method. My knowledge of homeopathy was minimal and I had numerous doubts about the therapy, after the three courses and the review I confess that I was enchanted by homeopathy and by its individuality, it’s already part of my daily prescriptions. The method is super efficient and practical for the understanding of an allopathic doctor like myself, I was formed 22 years ago. The instructors enchant and transfer us all the knowledge possible and when the course ends we look forward to the next module. I only have to thank the opportunity to have known the methodology of the CEDH and the paths that have been opened to me.

Dra Paula Cruz Borelli Barros

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20 & 21 Novembre 2015

Prague, République Tchèque

4èmes Rencontres Internationales du CEDH

L’Homéopathie et l’enfant

Une plénière pour découvrir, apprendre, élargir notre réflexion et notre pratique
Un débat pour échanger sur les contributions
Un espace rencontre pour le plaisir de nous retrouver, pour prolonger la discussion

25 & 26 Juin 2016

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Parcours de soins efficaces en homéopathie clinique

Nous sommes ravis de vous accueillir à la 5ème conférence internationale CEDH "Chemins efficaces de l'homéopathie clinique" à Chicago, du 25 au 26 juin 2016. L'homéopathie aide les médecins de famille et les spécialistes à fournir une gestion de soins personnalisée à leurs patients....

6 & 7 Octobre 2017

Barcelone, Espagne

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L'Homéopathie au sein de la médecine intégrative

La médecine intégrative réunit plusieurs approches médicales complémentaires dans une situation clinique donnée...

18 - 19 Janvier 2019

Nice, France

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L’homéopathie, une réponse aux enjeux de santé publique

Se préoccuper des enjeux de santé publique est une des clés pour faire avancer l’Homéopathie Clinique,
pour la prise en charge du patient, de sa santé et de sa qualité de vie.
Il s’agit de chercher à préserver un équilibre, d’accompagner les patients, tant par des traitements préventifs que curatifs.

27&28 Juin 2020


8èmes Rencontres Internationales du CEDH

L’homéopathie continue sa progression au sein de la médecine au niveau international et chacun de nous y contribue au quotidien.

16&17 Octobre 2020


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L’HOMÉOPATHIE, One world, One health, One planet


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